Announcing our latest film: Juntos Nos Ayudamos/Better Together

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A little over a year ago, I met Dr. Nina Enriquez through our board member Dr. Bob Neimeyer.  In one year, through the pandemic, Nina and I worked on her script Juntos Nos Ayudamos/Better Together. I am now proud to announce that we’ve completed the filming of this script about a Latino family who lost their son to suicide.   

Based on Nina’s research we learned many suicide loss survivors are often abandoned.  The social isolation they experience often intensifies the symptomatology of their trauma and grief.  Juntos Nos Ayudamos/Better Together signifies the importance of having a support system in place to help individuals to comprehend, learn, and manage the impact of this traumatic loss.  No one, even though some believe they can, but in reality, no one can deal with such a traumatic loss all alone.  


Better Together/Juntos Nos Ayudamos is a short film for professionals, family, friends, and the community to demonstrate the harmful effects of social isolation and pain, and to open the discussion on how best to help suffering survivors. 

We personally feel people (family/friends) don’t mean to cause more harm, but they are often not aware how powerful words can be.  Things are said in the moment of crisis, despair, and sadness and they may not realize how their response, reactions and comments may cause additional trauma for suicide loss survivors.  This film helps paint a picture of how words and actions can lead to a survivor’s silence and shame.  

The film’s website will be open soon.

In the meantime, we want to share with you our Vision, Mission, and Purpose:


We envision a world where Latino culture is preserved and support systems for suicide survivor loss are embraced.


Our mission is to increase awareness, build knowledge, and develop strong support systems for Latino suicide loss survivors within the family unity and their community.


We believe an understanding of the positive impact of support systems on the healing process among professionals, first responders, and other disciplines will lead to a decrease in reports of increased depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts or plans, or other physical systems including dependency on tobacco and/or alcohol among Latino suicide loss survivors. 

Just this past weekend we wrapped up filming in San Antonio, Texas and plan to screen the film at a special showing on September 16, 2021 in McAllen, Texas.

To donate to the production of the film, visit here.  Your contribution will support education for professionals, first responders and other disciplines who work with  Latino suicide loss survivors. 

Sponsorship packages are still available.  

For more information about the film, sponsorship packages, and any upcoming workshops, contact  

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