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Our mission is to educate medical providers and the patients they serve to advance, sustain, and support vital death and grief conversations through a collection of curated theatrical productions and narratives.

In 2015, founder Elizabeth Coplan created the Grief Dialogues, a theatrical expression that opened new conversations between grievers, those with terminal and chronic illness and the health care providers who serve them. It became apparent that there was a need to expand the work to both address what happens between medical professionals and their patients during the grief process, and what transpires within the medical community among health care professionals themselves.

“The most pressing problem of our time is the compassion crisis.
Both in health care and more broadly in the world.

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"Compassion Culture Series"

Our Podcast

In this podcast series we share stories and present questions and answers from experts in the field of medicine, thanatology, psychology, and end-of-life. We dive deep into analyzing the complex and diverse versions of grief throughout the scenarios that care givers and health care providers experience. It's our hope to break the silence, break the stigmas, and spark relatable and supportive conversations.

Grief Stories

We collect grief stories, mixed media, and visual art on our Grief Dialogues Stories website to help our community relate to the many ways grief exists in our worlds.

Live Performances

Interested in arranging for on-site evidence based grief training through live theatre performances? We offer three live performance production options.


Grief Dialogues Health Care education is supported and partnered by some of the top experts  specializing in grief education in the world.



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Grief Dialogues is committed to offering accessible and affordable training in compassion for health care providers, counselors and therapists, end-of-life specialists, funeral homes, and at-home caregivers.

Learn more about both our onsite and online offerings currently available,
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